Investors Attend SLEFI’s Annual House Tour

We were pleased to have record high attendance at this year’s annual house tour with over 30 attendees, including SLEFI Investors, Government Officials, and prospective Investors. We all boarded a bus the afternoon of Tuesday, October 16th, and set off to view/tour seven SLEFI Investments. The tour departed from SLEFI’s offices on Laclede’s Landing, and the first stop was the Village of Mackenzie Place in south St. Louis County. After a tour of two units and the community space, we drove by the Holy Infant/St. Joseph Apartments in Shrewsbury. Although we didn’t tour the units, the modifications to the exterior of the Holy Infant building were easily visible and nearly complete. We then made our way to Pagedale to tour the Pagedale Senior Housing and Retail Development. Ms. Deb Dombar guided the Investors on a tour of the facility, which included residential units and the Midwest BankCentre branch in the commercial space. Next, we headed to the sites of the two newly approved SLEFI investments, Pine Lawn Homes and Bremen Homes. Pine Lawn Homes is located near the new Barack Obama Elementary School in Pine Lawn and Bremen Homes is located in Hyde Park near previous SLEFI investments Salisbury Park I, II, and III. From Hyde Park we traveled to The Salvation Army Veterans Residence where we were given a tour of the newly completed building. The Investors enjoyed seeing the residential units and the community space. Finally, we drove by the St. Louis Stamping Lofts located just blocks north of Laclede’s Landing. This development is currently under construction and will be a highlight of our 2013 tour.

We always enjoy hosting this event and thank all of the attendees for spending the afternoon with us. We encourage all of our Investors to attend, and would be happy to provide a shorter version of the tour to any Investor who missed this opportunity.