St. Louis Equity Fund Scholarship

The St. Louis Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. and Guide Right Foundation of St. Louis, Inc. was pleased to be joined by the St. Louis Equity Fund, Inc. at the Kappa League Awards Ceremony to recognize graduating seniors in the program.

The St. Louis Equity Fund, Inc. (SLEFI) with 35 years of experience, provides affordable rental housing, low risk investments for investors, and a steady source of equity to partners and developers in the St. Louis region.  Since its inception, the combined funds have raised $500 million which has enabled the production of 5,128 units of affordable housing in the St. Louis and Kansas City metropolitan areas.  SLEFI strives to revitalize and stabilize neighborhoods, through public/private cooperation and asset management.

Kappa League is a program for young men in grades 6-12 who want to develop their leadership skills and achieve their academic goals.  The Kappa League program has seven phases that cover various aspects of personal, academic, social and career development.  The participants run their own organization with guidance and training from the men of Kappa Alpha Psi.  They also engage in community service, mentoring, cultural enrichment and other activities that help them grow and prepare for their future. SLEFI is a community partner of the fraternal organizations in support of the Kappa League Program mission.

Guide Right program celebrated eleven high school seniors transition into college careers. Our program included a mother and son beautillion style dance, college selections of our Kappa Leaguers and a formal program participant as the guest speaker. Each student was awarded a scholarship and a trunk for completing all of the necessary program requirements.

Lastly, we awarded three of our outstanding graduates with the St. Louis Equity Fund Scholarship for exceptional achievement. The scholarship will help offset some of the Kappa Leaguers college costs. We are extremely grateful to receive donations from the SLEFI and look forward to partnering with SLEFI on an annual basis