Stanley L. JonesStan Jones is SLEFI’s Director of Construction Management. Stan’s primary responsibilities are to review the capacity of the proposed general contractor, major sub-contractors, proposed sites, architectural plans, specifications and proposed budgets. He also monitors the construction activities and process, approves pay applications and assists in the transition to ownership with special emphasis on monitoring the release of final payments and enforcement of guaranties and warranties.

In addition, Stan inspects SLEFI’s older developments for appropriate maintenance and marketable issues. He also provides technical assistance to our partners and property managers.

Stan received his Master’s Degree in Science from the University of Illinois in 1972 after completing his undergraduate degree at Greenville College in 1965. Just prior to joining SLEFI, Stan held the position of Project Manager at HBD Contracting for five years. Prior to his time at HBD, Stan was a partner for 25 years in a St. Louis based construction and development company which focused on the rehabilitation of historic residential and commercial properties.